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What are LSI keywords?

Term 'LSI' stands for Latent Semantic Indexing. It is software mechanism used by search engines (Google, Bing, etc) and TOP Webmasters to determine the topic of the content (single article, group of documents or web pages), and to find related and synonymous terms (words and phrases) corresponding to the target topic (keyword or phrase). [Read about latent semantic indexing on wikipedia.]

Simple examples: in order to define how documents/web pages/etc with different content are related between each other, what are all of them about (for example, your whole web site), Google uses LSI algorithm to count how frequent each word/phrase is in the given context. In order to define what words and phrases are related to the given keyword, Latent Semantic Indexing is used again: each keyword has its corresponding list of related LSI terms (e.g. target keyword - Japanese car, LSI related keywords - Toyota, Honda, Lexus, Acura, Mazda, Nissan, Suzuki).

Why do you need to use LSI keywords to succeed? Coz it boosts search engine ranks!

Starting from about year 2010, Google implemented set of significant changes, that have drastically changed Search Engine Optimization approach.

We consider your main goal is to get more visitors, and to convert them into real customers, doesn't matter either you are selling something directly or through affiliate agreement or you are earning money with Adsense or other context advertisement system.

In order to get more visitors with zero money investment, you are to provide high quality content, that will be very valuable and relevant for those, who are looking for information in the search engine. And thus it will rank high in the top of Search Engine. But keep in mind, generally it is rather long term perspective.

What is relevant content according to Search Engine point of view? Relevant means matching the topic. The most relevant web site page for the target keyword is the page having content with a certain amount of themed words and phrases (Latent Semantic Related Terms), as well as other type of media content. Generally it is something that will fully satisfy users needs.

What is high quality content? High quality content is relevant content that is well organized and presented to the user. Question: How can Google then know what is finally more relevant and what is less? Answer: User Behaviour factors. For example, users tend to spend much more time on the pages that are interesting to them. It is a fact. Objectively it is descriptive, well organized and valuable information.

Using in the article properly selected related and synonymous terms for the topic you are writing about, significantly increases your ranking!

You are showing to Google that your article deserves to be in the top because your article is very descriptive for the given keyword and you have a very good themed and relevant content that will be extremely useful for visitors.

Yes, it is just that simple.

How can Ultimate Keyword Hunter help you to find relevant LSI keywords and write high ranking articles?

Manual research takes too long. It shouldn't be like this. You definitely will need appropriate software to do a dirty work for you, and do it really carefully, without loosing anything important and not to clutter up too much.

Ultimate Keyword Hunter is an absolutely free tool which aim is to find the perfect LSI related terms and keywords with ease.

We have developed this tool for our needs and then decided to share it with anyone interested.

Our research tool is one of the several ones on the market. But in our opinion we have some pretty features that lack in other free tools.You can see main features list on the download page.

Below you can find a brief guide with 4 steps on how to use UKH for your needs.

Steps on how to use Ultimate Keyword Hunter

Step 1: Specify Target Keyword

On the first screen of Ultimate Keyword Hunter you need to specify target theme keyword, word count in phrases, site count to analyze and search engine.
Ultimate Keyword Hunter - Configure stop words

Step 2: Configure stop words and sites to analyze

Ultimate Keyword Hunter allows you to exclude some specific sites from the LSI (latent semantic indexing) keywords research if needed. Thus you can leave just one site and get analysis results specific for this site only. On this screen you are able to create and configure stop words list - those words that won't be taken into account when searching for theme (LSI) words and phrases.
Ultimate Keyword Hunter - Analyze Lsi keywords research results

Step 3: Analyze results, selecting best LSI keywords for your article

Latent semantic analysis results represent related terms (theme words and phrases) discovered in the content of all the selected sites. Get cleaner and more relevant results by filtering out keywords and phrases not matching specified criteria (total count, sites count or containing text). All these words help you describe better the topic you are writing about, while raising high in the search engines ranking.
Ultimate Keyword Hunter - Enrich your article with lsi keywords

Step 4: Write relevant and high ranking articles real-time. Import/Export LSI keywords.

'Preview' screen of Ultimate Keyword Hunter enables you to write content, matching it to LSI keywords and phrases list identified on the previous step. Once used in the context, a keyword or theme phrase becomes strikethrough. It also calculates occurrences and keyword density, allowing webmasters to use words correctly without overusing them.
Here you can export chosen lsi words to csv file. Also you are allowed to import external lsi keywords list for your article testing.
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